Howdy Stranger 🤠
It's-a Me, okpebbs!

"I'm just a guy trynna do some good in the world."


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It's what all the cool kids *aren't* doing.

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Read my diary. Please.

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FREE (or cheap... or really expensive!) "pay-what-you-want" photography session Bookings through Acuity Scheduling.

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Check out all my *cool* photos

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The most boring place on earth. (work-in-progress)

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Hire me... or just view my resume on

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A quick gumroad powered donation page setup to provide funding for local essential workers.

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Another gumroad powered donation page but this one is for those working in the service industry.

✊🏿 black-lives-matter-carrd →

blacklivesmatter carrd.

✊🏿 →

Black Lives Matter Movement official site.

󠀽💯 equal-justice-initiative →

Make Postive Change.

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If you wanna.

Your mom says: "hello."

[It's both a true statement and a joke.]


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like your mom does.

# ! this is the best way to get a hold of me. --- but leave a voice-mail. i screen most of my calls cause my digits are all over the internet. --- also, i have Signal.

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she does that too.

! this is good too.

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this is how got that thing she sent me.

my preferred medium of sorts. just wish it supported markdown :D

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yeah you better, cause i'm already in her DMs.

lol: i use this sometimes.

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she definitely knows whatsapp.

i never use this, but i get notifications.

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ok, i'm running out of "your-mom-jokes."

i get notifications for this.

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this is how i hit up your-grandma.

same. same.

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and babushka.

i turned off notifications for this.

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when you wanna tell me to stop forking your repository/mom... 😂

doubt i'll see you here.