world's okayest...






there's a lot of people whom can do,
some of the things that i can do, better.
but probably very few that can do,
all of the things i can do, better.
i'm okay, with being ok.

everything’s okay,
we’re all gonna die some day,
like the dinosaurs.


I've known that I wanted to be a photographer from the age of 8 (1994).

I got my first camera when I was 17 (2004).

I started like everyone else, taking photos of my family, friends, flowers, and general surroundings.

I liked to nerd out with 360Β° photography and macro stuff, most of which was lost ~10 hard-drives ago.

Moving forward in my career/life (from dishwasher to cook, age 18, 2004), and growing up in a small town, I didn't really see the opportunity to pursue photography as a practical profession.

Besides, I was too caught up in video games to pay attention, well, to anything, really.

I spent my twenties moving around a lot, bussing from city to city, staging here and there.

Sleeping on couches, floors, and staying at hostels.

[this is what my twenties looked like in one of those things that millennials like to include on their profiles]

PITT β†’ PHIL β†’ NYC β†’ PDX β†’ SF β†’ LA β†’ PITT β†’ PDX β†’ SF β†’ LA

My resume was as equally eclectic, with esteemed titles such as paper factory worker, masonry laborer, and EMS Responder/Dispatch.*

Basically, I've cut more onions (high OPY), mixed more mud, washed more dishes, emptied more fryers, gotten more paper cuts, and been around more dead bodies than most people ever will in three lifetimes. I also joined the NAVY at one point, but they kicked me out right before boot-camp graduation after discovering a heart-defect while getting TOP-SECRET clearance.

I'm really thankful for my experiences in life thus far: but I'm happy to have closed the chapter of Looking for Myself and have started working on Finding Myself.

I picked up a new camera, Christmas of 2016. Since then (2021), I've shot over 50000 photos and rendered/published about ~75000 variants to my site.

1,768,451 photo-views

2020-01-14 to 2021-01-14.


My aim has never been to make money, become famous, or get laid.

The only reason I mention this is because I feel a lot of people use my mediums to pursue those ends and they've muddied the waters for the rest of us.

I pursue photography in a canonical/archival fashion--everyone else is free to interpret it however they feel.

It's how I help people tell their stories.

It's why I wake up in the morning.

It's what keeps me up at night.

It's how I meet new people.

It's how I express myself.

It's my life's work.

My goals in photography are pretty abstract:

Collaboration; Creativity; Community; Archival; Agency; Absurdity, Public Access; Self-Actualization; Philanthropy; Identity; Art;

Ideally, I'd like to be a non-profit photographer, doing caused-based work and building an archive that museums will fight over when I'm dead.


Work hard in silence, let your success make the noise.” – Frank Ocean

While I kinda like existing in my own corner of the internet, from a practical standpoint: I don't utilize social media nearly enough.

On one hand, it doesn't capture the sheer volume of my usual workflow, and it's a wee bit frustrating to encapsulate a full session into a tiny template.

[I typically average ~100-150+shots/hour and render out at 3+ variants at 02/04/08/12K resolution.]

Besides, a word of mouth network has much more worth to me than attention from a bunch of random strangers.

I'm not a fan of data collection. I've searched far and wide for places to host a blog and website that does not harvest/sell user data. I build this site using 11ty and I love it.

I know the path I've chosen. I don’t need anyone to follow me.

[I'm not stupid though, I still have an outreach campaign I'm working onβ€”I need to reach people where they're at.]


I shoot and process with the future in mind.

I like to envision technology increasing to the point where 16-bit photos will be viewable natively on the web with internet speeds that make our current rates look 56k.

I think the next big thing in photography is standardization of VR for viewing/editing in super high-res.

So while it feel like many contemporary photographers are seemingly only worried about how things come across on Instagram, I've been working diligently to build workflows and an archive that I hope stays somewhat relevant for the next millennium. Fingers crossed.

I want to make my photography accessible.

Just like it was when Sears and malls used to do it. But without the forced Corporate policies and sh!ty public bathrooms.πŸš«πŸ’©

I want to help people find their place.

Whether that be in a relationship (dating profile shots), a business owner (product/corporate photography), an upcoming model/actor (headshots), or just getting off the streets (pet adoption/homeless shelters).

When you analyze human history, there's a minimal degree of actual separation between you, me, and anyone currently living. I don't find circumstance causality for discrimination.



Let’s create images, videos, and art to be shared with generations to come!


Wherever you’re going, whatever you’re becoming, whatever the approach, I want to support you in your goals in life or business.


How do you want to be remembered?

How do you want your loved ones to be remembered?

(your)journey=(our)journey; YOU-DON'T-HAVE-TO-GO-IT-ALONE